"That they may all be one." - John 17:21

Our Vision

The Bismarck-Mandan United Church of Christ is a thriving church transforming our lives and community:

  • where all are unconditionally welcomed, affirmed, accepted, and loved;
  • where the good in every person is recognized and their talents are encouraged to be shared;
  • where children, youth, and adults learn that God is love and all are welcome to freely explore spirituality in a safe and nurturing environment;
  • where we can bring our personal needs and struggles and count on support from our church family – which is the loving family we all deserve;
  • where powerful messages inspire and challenge us to be caring and compassionate to all – in our church, community, and world, seeking opportunities to put our faith into action with courage to go beyond what we think we can do;
  • where we embrace the still-speaking God and live our faith in today’s world.